The secretary

Francesca and Marianna welcome you to our Group’s Website. We are looking forward to having your comments, suggestions or any information related to the work of our members! Don’t hesitate to write us.


The Secretariat is based on a permanent basis in Strasbourg, however, the Executive Secretary travels often in Paris or elsewhere, in order to provide assistance to the members of the Group during the Committee meetings and to ensure coverage and support everywhere. It works under the supervision of the President and the Bureau. The Secretariat takes care of the daily work of the Group and its organisation both for practical and political issues. It ensures the good communication among its members and coordinates activities related to their work in PACE. Moreover, it guarantees a fruitful cooperation with PACE’s instruments, the bodies of the Council of Europe, as well as with external sister organisations and parties.


Secrétaire Exécutive

Francesca ARBOGAST, is the Executive Secretary of the Socialist Group since 2009. With her experience as lawyer in the European Court of Human Rights and as assistant to the Group since her studies, she has a deep knowledge of the history and functioning of the SOC Group.

Most of all she shares the political and human values of the Group, contributes to its good image is and fully committed for more efficiency and achievements within the Group. Francesca speaks fluently English, French and Italian. She has also good command in German and Thai.



Administrative Assistant

Marianna Ntalla, works as administrative assistant for the Socialist Group since 2016. She studied European and International relations in different countries. She worked as administrative assistant for four years in several departments of the Council of Europe and for two years in the Information Office of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. She embraces the principles of the SOC Group and submits her communication and analytical skills for the adequate running and organisation of the Group. She speaks fluently English, French, German and Greek.



For the sake of greater clarity and efficiency in communication and organisation, the SOC Group appointed a co-ordinator in each committee. Their role is to share with the Socialist members of each Committee any relevant information on the work of the Committee, to present the voting guidance of the Group concerning reports and amendments and to keep members informed on all the developments.