The bureau

The Bureau, main task is to steer the functioning of the Socialist Group concerning both the internal organisation and the political strategy.


It connects the Group with the bodies of PACE and COE. Moreover, it leads the Group in its relationship with other European Organisations and Institutions. Currently it works on establishing a concrete and strong cooperation with sister political parties in other European assemblies.

It is composed by:

- the President and 1st Vice President belonging to both genders, both elected members for two years, mandate which can be renewed no more than three time

- the Vice-Presidents representing national delegations.

The number of Vice Presidents varies according to the number of Socialist Members within the national delegations as follows National delegations having more than : ten members of the Socialist Group = one seat every year ; six to ten members = one seat every two years ; three to five members = one seat every three years ; less than three members = one seat every four years.

The Vice-Presidents are proposed by the SOC members of the national delegations, approved by the Bureau and elected by the Plenary Assembly of the Group at its first meeting of each year during the January Pace Session.

- The acting SOC Presidents of the PACE Committees

- The Chair of the SOC Women Working Group

- The two Auditors and the Treasurer

- The former Presidents of the Group and the former Presidents of PACE Committees as honorary members