Welcome to our new website!

The Socialist Group in the Council of Europe renews its Web Site!!!

In the communication and digital age the web allows us to be closer to citizens, to socialist thinkers and activists. That’s why it was necessary for the Socialist Group in the Council of Europe to renew its website to better inform on our initiatives, promote our activities and attract media attention on our work.

It will be possible to easily read reports and political positions for stronger and more transparent connection among the members.

We expect that the work of our members in the Socialist Group of the Parliamentary Assembly in the Council of Europe will be spread and that it will gain more visibility in media. The website will contain different sections with information about the Socialist Group, the calendar of the meetings, the plenary sessions and events, reports carried by our members, updates on undergoing missions, committee meetings’ documents and reports, the list of all the members with their detailed functions, as well as a section dedicated to the President and Vice-president.

The website will reflect Socialist Group’s values and principles: our fight for human rights respect, the promotion of democracy, peace and social justice, equality, solidarity and justice. Through our web we strongly hope to be able to reach citizens who believe in our values and allies for our fight for just and fair societies.

The website will contain a media corner with press releases, statements, articles and videos. From now on it will be easier to interact with the Socialist Group, its members and Secretariat; it will be easier to follow the work of our Group, to ask questions or send your ideas and contributes. But in particular everyone will have quick access to the activities of the Group. So, welcome to our Group’s daily life. We are happy to present you our members and work.