Déclaration du Président SOC suite à la session du Comité des Ministres à Helsinki

Statement following Ministerial Session of the Council of Europe in Helsinki

With regard to the decisions of the Ministerial Conference of the Council of Europe in Helsinki for the 70th anniversary of the existence of the Organisation, the President of Socialists, Democrats and Greens Group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Frank Schwabe:

"The decision builds the bridge for the remaining of Russia. So that more than 140 million people remain under the protection of the European Convention on Human Rights. Moreover, the Council of Europe, having a new sanctioning mechanism in future, is better prepared to answer to those member states that disregard Organisation's values. Now, it is up to the Parliamentary Assembly to do the next steps in June. Russia must fulfil its obligations immediately, pay its contributions and grant access to the country for the Council of Europe institutions. "

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