• PACE creates independent external investigation body to look into allegations of corruption

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  • Highlights PACE Summer Session

    Key issues to be debated during the session taking place in Strasbourg from 26 to 30 June 2017Read more
  • Allegations of corruption within PACE:

    Composition of the independent external investigation body ratified  Read more
  • The Socialist Group at the Parliamentary Assembly at the Council of Europe: Asking explanation about the visit of PACE President Agramunt in Syria and firm dissociationRead the Statement
  • SOC Statement on the situation of PACE's President

    “The PACE Bureau´s vote of no-confidence was an act of political responsibility”  Read the statement
  • January 2017 PACE Plenary Session: opening speech by Josette Durrieu

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  • Stefan Schennach, (Austria, SOC)

    Constitutional referendum in Turkey was „neither fair no free”Read more

    SOC Group: Strong condemnation of any form of corruption

    Call for an independent investigation of the alleged accusations

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  • Marianne Mikko (Estonia, SOC)

    Reopening monitoring procedure is an act of friendship to TurkeyRead more

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SOC condemns imprisonment of Enis Berberoğlu and supports protest march in Turkey

“We strongly condemn the imprisonment of Enis Berberoğlu and support the protest march in Turkey” On Wednesday, 15 June 2017 Turkey’s main opposition party, the Republican People’s party (CHP), has begun a ...

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