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  • Allegations of corruption within PACE:

    Composition of the independent external investigation body ratified  Read more
  • Protecting the right to child maintenance

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  • Michele Nicoletti from SOC Group elected new PACE President

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  • Liliane Maury Pasquier

    Présidente du Groupe SOC

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  • The Socialist Group at the Parliamentary Assembly at the Council of Europe: Asking explanation about the visit of PACE President Agramunt in Syria and firm dissociationRead the Statement
  • SOC Statement on the situation of PACE's President

    “The PACE Bureau´s vote of no-confidence was an act of political responsibility”  Read the statement
  • January 2017 PACE Plenary Session: opening speech by Josette Durrieu

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  • Stefan Schennach, (Austria, SOC)

    Constitutional referendum in Turkey was „neither fair no free”Read more
  • Marianne Mikko (Estonia, SOC)

    Reopening monitoring procedure is an act of friendship to TurkeyRead more

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Liliane Maury Pasquier élue Présidente du Groupe SOC

Liliane MAURY PASQUIER a été unanimement élue Présidente du Groupe SOC de l’Assemblée parlementaire du Conseil de l’Europe, succédant ainsi à Michele Nicoletti, élu Président de l’Assemblée. Membre, représentante de la Suisse ...

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