• Stefan Schennach, (Austria, SOC)

    Constitutional referendum in Turkey was „neither fair no free”Read more
  • The Socialist Group at the Parliamentary Assembly at the Council of Europe: Asking explanation about the visit of PACE President Agramunt in Syria and firm dissociationRead the Statement
  • January 2017 PACE Plenary Session: opening speech by Josette Durrieu

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  • François Hollande

    We need the Council of Europe more than ever
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  • Michele Nicoletti (Italy, SOC)

        Political Affairs Committee backs Michele Nicoletti's Proposal for the 4th Council of Europe SummitRead more

    SOC Group: Strong condemnation of any form of corruption

    Call for an independent investigation of the alleged accusations

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  • Stefan Schennach (Austria, SOC)

    No more tax havens, no more money laundering

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  • Milena Santorini (Italy, SOC)

    In combating radicalisation we must uphold fundamental freedoms

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  • PACE’s President and Group leaders

    visit Moscow

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Stefan Schennach (Austria, SOC): Constitutional Referendum in Turkey was „neither fair no free”

  After the constitutional referendum in Turkey on Sunday 16 April 2017, Stefan Schennach (SOC) resumes that the process was “neither fair nor free”. Schennach was part of the ad hoc committee ...

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